Sunday, June 6, 2010

I was locked out last week... so I couldn't see what was happening in the house. This week I had a painter on site who let me have a quick look around as he was cutting in the edges of the paint work. I'm loving the white duck 1/2... it's still nice and bright but gives the room some depth without being too yellow. The photos don't do it justice. I can't wait to see how it looks with the mocha floor tiles.

Unfortunately my choice in door colour is not so good - I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it has a really strong purple undertone on a beige base... it's going to be the first thing I change once I move in. I really should have gone with something like Jasper which was my original choice but which I managed to get talked out of for some reason (reasons which I can't remember).

This weeks progress also includes the benchtops in the kitchen... The ice snow ceasarstone has always been one of my favourites - white with just enough texture in it to make it look interesting. The white really lifts what could be a very dark kitchen.

Benchtops with building grime

Back bedroom in white duck 1/2

The shoe wardrobe...

Bedroom with a first coat.

More doors waiting to go in...


  1. Hi Janeylou,

    It all seems to be coming along very nicely. Congratulations!
    Are all the walls done in the white duck half strength? What is on the skirting etc? We have chosen the white duck quarter strength for everything - the wallks, skirting, architraves (as displayed in the Westbury 26 at Marriott Waters) but now I'm starting to wonder if we should make it a bit more interesting and have white duck half strength on the walls and have the quarter strength on the skirting and architraves. What do you think? Is that just flat white on the roof or is that white duck quarter?

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks... it's so nice to hear.

    The walls are all done in White Duck 1/2 while the ceilings, skirtings and architraves are all done in Lexicon 1/4. I really wanted a clear difference between the Walls and the Architraves... in some rooms I'm going to up it to full strength just to make it a little warmer as well as possibly introduce a deep grey brown into the rumpus.

    The colour lady suggested I avoid 1/4 on the walls if I wanted that two tone look as it is very light and in a well lit room appears just a little off white. But it really will depend on the colour.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    We had a Colour Re-=Selection app a few days ago (as we're changing from the Westbury to the Riverton, hence need to do another colour selection appointment) and I told the lady I wanted the two-tone look and she suggested we go white duck quarter on the walls and lexicon on the ceiling, architraves, cornices.

  4. What do you think? I like your idea better, with the white duck half and quarter. I almost think the lexicon almost clashes with the white duck quarter. The white duck half sin't yellowy at all, is it? It has more of a grey tinge/undertone to it, yes?

  5. The Lexicon is a very pure grey white... and the white duck has a very similar grey tone to it. I love the combination... But I am biased - it's what I have.

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