Sunday, May 23, 2010

I did my usual Saturday morning trip up to the house... It's my favourite start to the weekend. Haven't run into any neighbours for a while though (although I'm expecting a notice to fence very very soon by the looks of the house next door.

The render has gone on which highlight that front bay nicely. It will be painted in Dulux Toffee Fingers very shortly. The kitchen and bathrooms and laundry now have their cabinets installed and I'm really pleased with my choices. I was so worried about the Seductive Ligna as I started to have second thoughts that it was too busy - but it's come up really well (I can even forgive the non matching horizontal grain in it).

I still can't believe the perspex overhead cabinets come as standard in Carlisle - considering most of the other major builders don't even include overhead cabinets at all.

The house with it's naked render...

Soon to be painted Dulux Toffee Fingers

The entrance way sanded...

Seductive Ligna (or something along those lines)

Kitchen with overheads in perspex...

Kitchen with the now widened fridge space.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Saturday trip - lockup (well almost)

I've been sent the lockup invoices for the house - and while there is doors on the house I would think that locks would be a prerequisite of "lockup".

The house is looking fantastic... I love how it seems to morph in size each time something is done to it. It now seems so much bigger than it did at frame stage. The brickwork is now finished and the plaster hung... can't wait to find out what is coming next.

Need to start thinking about gardens... the soil is awful though - thick plasticy clay - I could throw it on a wheel and start making my own garden pots at this point. Dad seems to think it can be improved with some work - I wish I was more of a garden type. I have no idea where to even start.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday on the block

We did a family trip to the house on Saturday - Mum, Dad and I answering the question of how much brickwork can be laid in a week. The answer is apparently "A lot". Couple of brickies were there on Saturday finishing off the last of the brickwork so I only got a couple of sneaky photos in and made sure I didn't get any of the brickies in the shot (according the Dad taking photos on building sites is generally a big no no - tradies really don't like it).

I'm ecstatic about how it's all starting to come together. I can't wait to see the front with it's coat of render around the two middle windows. I'm now starting to think about how to put the garden together - starting with a layout for the concrete work for the driveway and house surrounds.

Looking into the garage...

The brickwork nearly finished on the front bedroom

Monday, May 3, 2010

Even more progress

The Bricks were delivered on Friday to the block and bricking started this morning - my spies tell me they're almost halfway up the front facade. It seems they have a rather large team working on the house so they expect to be finished by the end of the week. I really wish I could get out to the block during daylight hours so I could actually see the progress as it's happening.

Looks like electricals will start later this week with rectification of the frame happening on wednesday and plaster to start on wednesday. I'm still in awe of how fast this house is going up. I'd heard horror stories and people keep telling me to be prepared for it to just stop... but it's been such a smooth build so far. I'm so glad I changed builders.

The house in progress

Looking towards my bedroom

The tiled roof

A proud spy

Boral Mocha