Thursday, December 17, 2009

HIA Contract signed...

I went back to Carlisle yesterday to sign the HIA contact. They've fast tracked the process a little so I could still qualify for the larger first home buyers grant (which is handy considering I missed out on the 32K thanks to Metricon). I also have another appointment with the bank to talk about my home loan.

I'm enjoying the process so much more with Carlisle, all the staff that I've dealt with so far have been nothing short of delightful. When mistakes have been made they've been quick to admit and remedy which is all you can ask for in something as complex as a house build.

I've been working stupidly long hours in the lead up to Christmas... yesterday started at 7am and finished at 11.30pm. I'm looking very forward to taking a break and stalking my block some more. It's amazing to see how quickly houses are popping up around me. Hopefully they won't get done too fast so I can hold onto the money for the fencing just a little bit longer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tender Presentation

Apparently for once in my life I've managed to curb my expensive taste (slightly). My tender presentation with Carlisle wasn't half as painful as I thought it would be. I still within the budget I'd set for myself at the start of this process (although only just) and I have pretty much all the absolute "must haves" I'd decided I "must have" when I started looking for a house.

I'd still give anything for some of the tile upgrades I saw at the colour selection centre and if I had the money I'd have a ceramic bathtub instead of the plastic but these things aren't going to make me love my house any less. It's only a starting point, there is plenty of time to build houses with amazing tiles and wooden floorboards.

The only thing I really changed was the splashback - it started off as Toffee Fingers but after thinking about my colour combinations I realised I could stand to have a little less brown in this house so I changed it to Beige Royal in Pearl on Starfire glass and the combination of the pearl and the lighter colour should bring some life back into that kitchen corner.

Still settling on the right shade of turquoise to bring into the house in various ways but there is plenty of time for that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The colour selection

Mocha Bricks

Toffee Fingers Render

Jasper Guttering

Braid - Feature Colour

Tsunami - Highlight

White Duck Half

Espresso Ligna

Metallic Silver Splashback