Sunday, May 23, 2010

I did my usual Saturday morning trip up to the house... It's my favourite start to the weekend. Haven't run into any neighbours for a while though (although I'm expecting a notice to fence very very soon by the looks of the house next door.

The render has gone on which highlight that front bay nicely. It will be painted in Dulux Toffee Fingers very shortly. The kitchen and bathrooms and laundry now have their cabinets installed and I'm really pleased with my choices. I was so worried about the Seductive Ligna as I started to have second thoughts that it was too busy - but it's come up really well (I can even forgive the non matching horizontal grain in it).

I still can't believe the perspex overhead cabinets come as standard in Carlisle - considering most of the other major builders don't even include overhead cabinets at all.

The house with it's naked render...

Soon to be painted Dulux Toffee Fingers

The entrance way sanded...

Seductive Ligna (or something along those lines)

Kitchen with overheads in perspex...

Kitchen with the now widened fridge space.


  1. Wow you are steaming ahead!! Looks great!

  2. These guys move really quickly!

  3. Looks really good. They are fast. - huntclubber

  4. It looks great!

    3 months and its already up? Im soon to build with Carlisle Homes, did you talk with the builders or is there anything you've done for them to build so quickly Jayne?

  5. I was expecting it to go on for months and months... I nearly died when Dad came home and told me the frame was up before I'd even laid eyes on the slab.

    I think it has a lot to do with me being the only house they're building in the North at the moment (well aside from their own display homes which should be starting soon) and an incredibly switched on Building Supervisor...