Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another week goes by...

Another week has gone by and more work has been done on the house, it's exciting to see the progress - although it does seem so much slower than the first few weeks where any progress seemed like a massive step.

The tiling is pretty much complete and on the whole I like the selections. Aside from the ensuite splashback tile which is a different tone to the one I originally chose - it's much a much warmer brown than the mocha tiles used everywhere else. My only complaints regarding my colour selections are the front door colour (easily fixable) and these tiles (which aren't so bad and I can live with) so in the scheme of things I'm doing pretty well - I just hope I like the splashback colour.

All the cabinetry and interior closet fitouts have been done including my walk in wardrobe. I can't wait to have somewhere to hang all my clothes (the majority of my clothes are currently in storage boxes while I'm at my parents) and somewhere for my shoes to live.

Kitchen now has the benchtops installed...

Espresso Ligna on Mocha Luxe tiles

My bedroom has a lovely view of a toilet

A very neat tiling job on the base of the shower

The tiles I'm not such a fan of - although I have to admit they look a lot worse here

Shower walls

This tile I really like - I should have done both bathrooms in it

The not so neat capped water point.

Looking back into the kitchen