Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're now apparently at the point of giving my house a lid - the roof tiles were delivered yesterday and now they're being placed on the roof as we speak (it's good to have spies). Yesterday the poor plumber was roughing in the plumbing in the rain - the spy was most impressed that he was still working.

With the roof being formed - it's really starting to resemble a house. I can't wait to see it with some bricks on.


  1. Looking good Jayne!

    Saw you on the Carlisle website! :)


  2. Thanks Andrew... made the local paper as well last week

  3. The progress is amazing. I'm so happy for you. I can't wait til they can start building our Westbury 26. I am still wondering about your front door... was the two sidelights on either side of the door an upgrade? It is displayed at Marriott Waters with one large sidelight only.

    I'm really enjoying watching your build. You must be so happy with how smoothly it is going. Congratulations!

  4. Hi Andrea... the sidelights are a change of the plans but at the point of sales they didn't add any extra cost to do it.

    The uncentred door just bugged me too much so I had them change it. I think the sales guy even suggested I could do it before I'd realised how much I didn't like the single large window.