Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here we have a patch of dirt growing some lumps of concrete

The portaloo

More dirt with concrete

Patch of dirt with plumbing and more rocks

Slightly out of sequence... smooth dirt

Just some of my pet rock collection

We have a slab and a frame... This is the sideway down from the garage to the backyard

Looking skyward...

The Dad and the Grandfather proudly looking on

I even have windows! The alfresco and back bedroom

The front door with transparent glazing... and a very smooth slab.

Looking through the ensuite wall...

Looking out to the backyard


  1. HI Jayne,

    I have been watching your build as we too are building the Westbury 26, when our land finally titles! :-( I noticed on the picture of your front dor with 2 transparent glazed sidelights. Was this a change you made? I thought the Westbury came with a front door and ONE quite large sidelight, not 2 smaller sidelights? I'm curious to know! :-)


  2. It's a change I made to the plans (and one of the few that didn't cost any more to change aside from upgrading the glass to translucent) - just didn't like how the door was uncentred.

    Where are you building yours?

  3. Sorry I asked that question about your door again, as I didn't realise you had replied here! I'm annoyed I didn't think of doing what you did with the sidelights, as I agree it looks a little funny being off centre.

    We are building in Arden estate, Pakenham... when they finally decide to title the land! It was meant to be titled in Feb, then it was changed to March, and then changed to April, and now has been changed (yet again!) to May. Hopefully it won't be much longer, as if we have to pay the late fees, they're going to be massive! :-(

    Have you ever wondered if your build is going so well because you are the first house they're building in that area hence they're trying to make a good impression? Oh well, whatever the reasons, lucky you, hey!!!! :-) I hope our build goes as smoothly as yours. CH hasve been very good up until now. I can't complain.


  4. haha just realised myself I'd already answered your question about the doors :)

    I'm sure my build going so smoothly has a lot to do with being the first house they're doing in the North - but from what I've read on the forums as a company they're very focused on building a fantastic product and giving fantastic customer service.

    Things will go wrong in any build (they put my frame up before finalising the dimensions of part of the kitchen) but it's the way they deal with those issues when they arrive and how you as a customer react that really makes the difference in how the build seems to go.

    I thankfully have a Dad in the industry who stops me from freaking out over the smallest of things that really have no impact on the finished product and getting me to call the builder to ask the question when he believes there really is something wrong that needs to be rectified.

  5. Hey Janey,

    Nice to see it's all coming together. I am also building Westbury 26 in South East. I saw a pic of yours saying shoe wardrobe. Was this a upgrade or did that come with it?