Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm itching to see if anything has been done on the house today... unfortunately it was already dark by the time I got home that there would be no point going to Mernda as well.

The customer service from Carlisle has once again been fantastic - discovered a couple of discrepancies between my tender and my colour selections... The one thing I had trouble deciding on was the splashback colour - I ended up settling for Royal Beige 1/2 with a metallic finish on Starfire glass... unfortunately there were a couple of changes between what I started with and that one that got lost in translation between the colour girls and admin. My wonderful admin sorted it out very quickly.

The other was one that I just didn't know enough about to know if it was right or wrong till too late... At the initial sales stage I added a capped water point to my fridge space which I stupidly assumed they would put in a fridge space large enough to fit a fridge that had an icemaker in it. I was apparently wrong - when I was putting together a budget for the wishlist of things I need to look at purchasing eventually for the house I happened to look at fridge dimensions and found there wasn't a single fridge requiring capped water that would fit into the space that had been allowed. Once again the admin came through for me again and is having my plans redrawn to allow a larger gap for the fridge

Fingers crossed it continues this way

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