Monday, November 16, 2009

Discovering Carlisle

Through the Homeone forums I discovered a builder I'd never heard of by the name of Carlisle homes.  I looked through their designs and loved their houses and the feedback was generally pretty good about their processes (the occasional disgruntled customer but with evidence that they'd at least tried to rectify the issues).  Unfortunately it appeared they only built in the South and in the West of Melbourne.

So I started looking at the Porter Davis Heywood 25 - which was just slightly bordering on too expensive and another builder based in Doreen who were fantastic and the price was amazing but even with references seemed like too much of an unknown quantity when I was already so bitter and on edge about the building process.

One night as I was looking through the forums there was a post about how Carlisle were planning to start building in the North, so the very next day I hit the road down to Lyndhurst to check out the Westbury 26 - The layout was fantastic and many of the features that I'd been quoted a fortune for would be included.  So I got a quote and the process got started.

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