Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some garden ideas...

Just a few snapshots of simple things that seem to grow well in the area...

The fluffy green shrub my friends call scuttlebush on account of it looking like something alien that could scuttle away at any moment and some yellow kangaroo paw.

Fluffy purple grasses

Purple & spikey... behind silver and pretty...

Magnolias... these seem to be quite common around display homes and I absolutely adore them. Really hoping I can find some budget for one.


  1. This might help you track them down:

    Fluffy green shrub = Acacia Cognata (probably "limelight")
    Fluffy purple grasses = Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum rubrum)
    Purple & spikey = Cordyline - could be Red Star or Red Sensation... there are quite a few.
    Silver & pretty = Leucophyta Brownii (cushion bush). Those look like the miniature version.

    For a good-sized Magnolia Little Gem, try Sertell's on Bridge Inn Rd, opposite Ivanhoe Grammar. I got a six-footer for $75.

  2. Thanks Kek... that's a huge help :)

  3. Great garden ideas for a great piece of building work