Thursday, March 25, 2010

The site scrape

I've now met the Carlisle North team, because my house is their first together they organised a photo opportunity down at the block today. So after the usual handshakes and smiley photos (that are apparently going to make an appearance on their website) I got to watch my house get started.

Dad came down from work at lunch time to watch as well - it's nice to know I'm not completely alone in this process even if I am paying for every cent of it by myself. I ducked down the street to have a cool drink with a friend who has bought in Riverdale on Plenty while the site works were being done.

Apparently Dad went back later tonight to see what had done and said they pulled some pretty serious rocks out of the ground. Although they all seem like floaters and won't cause too much dramas in the actual construction. Thankfully I have fixed site costs either way, if I didn't I possibly wouldn't sleep until the slab was completely down.

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